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The new auction powered by Signature Pro will be launched at the end of March and will enable you to put items up for auction. This platform will be the perfect hassle-free place for collectors to exchange items!


Renew your collection by creating space on your walls, or dust off your stored items by taking advantage of the kick-off promotion:



Promotional price

0% of an item's selling price for the seller

10$ upload fee

2.9% credit card fee


In addition to putting your item online, the Signature Pro team will store it and deliver it to the buyer. So there's nothing for you to do! Once the item is sold, we will transfer the funds to you.

What happens if the item doesn't sell? There are several possible solutions, always at your discretion: the item can be put back into a future auction, or of course, you can come and pick it up.


Important: to ensure the quality of the auction for both buyers and sellers, Signature Pro reserves the right to refuse any item deemed unsuitable.

The buyer of your item will have to pay a buyer's premium of 10% of the final price (GST/QST applicable). This will keep listing fees as low as possible, while establishing a pool of serious collectors.

For more information or to place an item up for auction, contact Jean-Samuel at

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