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Here is a comparative summary table of the main auction services offered. As we understand that each event and foundation has different needs, we always try to adapt to your reality. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss with a member of our team and see the possibilities!

Most popular service

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Auction available on computer, cellphone & tablet

No application to download, easy to use web link for your buyers





Detailed customization of the platform


Unlimited Banner Carousel

Integration of your sponsors on all visuals

Optimization of PC and Mobile visuals

Real-time bidding on leaderboards

Customized page tabs

Creation of categories & sub-categories

Tools and support to create an auction quickly


Project manager assigned to your auction

Administrator access for simple modifications

Excel grid for easy import

Drag and drop your photos in minutes

Free donation module

Solicitation of donations in the banners

Obtaining donations with amounts chosen by the client

Creation of donation image items for immediate purchase

Separate reports of donations obtained for receipts

Featured Items

Free option to feature one or more items in your auction. You can also rotate featured items

SMS & Email Sending

Sharing the auction with your participants from previous years

Overbid alerts

Auction time remaining alerts

Send personalized messages to participants

Method of retrieving items

Payment security and efficiency

Secure external server for payment taking

Automatic payments at the end of the auction

Printing of invoices in alphabetical order

Detailed Excel & PDF reports

Excel Report of Sales by Item

Excel report of donations

Real-time gross and net profit report

Excel report with buyer contact information

Easy access to the auction for users

Custom QR code

URL of your choice

Universal access on all our auctions

Reuse of your customers from the last few years

Import of your participant list

Real-time leaderboard

Table on the auction page presenting the bids in real time

Integration of your sponsors on a giant screen

Possibility of adding items to enhance the auction

Possibility of adding Signature Pro items without risk to improve your auction offer and your profits. Tracking of deliveries and pick-ups by SP for these items. Adding items is optional and at your discretion, 

Share your auction with our community

Option at no cost to share your auction in our social media and newsletter and increase your pool of potential bidders by several thousand people

Technical support on site

Un spécialiste en encan de Signature Pro sera avec vous sur place afin de s'assurer du bon déroulement du système de l'encan

Electronic equipment provided

2 Computers on site

Tablets available

Private Wi-Fi powering the auction technique

Cellular charging station

40 inch television with display stand

Printer for invoices and item delivery

Various visibility for sponsors

Platform offering several possibilities for visibility for one or more sponsors allowing you to increase the funds raised. Visibility on the platform as well as in the room

Printing items numbers

Printing of the lot numbers associated with the items in the auction in order to better identify each item for the guests

Full responsibility for the auction on site

Peace of mind on the night of the event

Placement of all your auction lots on the tables

Installation of lot numbers in front of each item

Printing of invoices

Delivery of items to buyers

Easels & display stands for items

Table and floor standing easels for different sizes of canvas with background.

Jewelry display and display boxes

Auction set-up by our specialists

Signature Pro team members will place all items on the tables to optimize the visual finish and relieve you of this task!

Animation of the auction

Notre équipe se chargera de l'inscription des gens à l'encan et pourra effectuer l'animation de celui-ci en répondant et discutant avec vos invités à la table d'encan

Taking care of the closing & delivery of the items

Verification of payment taking

Management of the delivery of lots to customers

Follow-up on the delivery of SP items and customers for the items not recovered

Complete post-event personalized assessment

Personalized report summarizing the gross results and the progress of the auction sent no later than the following day of the evening. Complete net results sent in the days following the end of the auction

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12-129720_red-arrow-line-png-red-hand-drawn-arrow PNG.png


Import and send to a pre-existing contact list


Google Analytic integration


Multiple Closing Time


Video integration


Team ranking

Do not hesitate to ask us questions to learn more about the different optional modules

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