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Set up an auction

Below, you will find all the details and tips to deliver the material requested at the auction and to maximize your results


Available Auction Modules

If you haven't already done so, we recommend that you visit 4-5 different auctions that we have posted online. This will give you a better understanding of our platform and the various options available to you to help you maximize your profits.



​​Add Video
Donate/Draw/Buy it Now
Management by Teams

Optional modules for your auction - $100+txs each

  1. Optional modules for your auction - $100+txs each           

    1. Ideal for high value items 

  2. Integrated Google Analytics

    1. Real time statistics of people on the site

  3. Multi-Closing

    1. Ideal for auctions of 80 items or more

    2. Ability to close a series of lots at different times with built-in countdown timers

  4. Management by Teams

    1. Group certain items by team to create internal competition and team reports

    2. Allows for independent sales reports

  5. Video Module

    1. Integration with Youtube in the description of the item

    2. Possibility to have a video on the home page in the banner

To be Submitted to SP

To be handed to Signature Pro

The 3 things to give to Signature Pro for the creation of the auction - 5 business days before the delivery of the auction link

  1. Answers to the 10 Questions

  2. Banners

  3. Excel file of your auction items

Auction delivery time (5 business days)

Once we have obtained these 3 elements (Answers to the 10 Questions, Banners, Excel file of your auction items), we commit to give you the skeleton of your auction within 5 business days.

You will then only have to drag and drop your photos on each of your items to add them, make your last minute modifications and/or additions and your auction will be ready!

Example of 5 business days

If the launch of your auction is on June 16th and you wish to have the link 2 days before the launch, that is to say June 14th, in order to add your photos and to verify everything, you will have to send us the answers to the questions, the banners and the completed file by June 7th at the latest

Calendrier ENG.jpg
Answers to the questions

This is the central starting point. Without these answers, Signature Pro cannot prepare anything about your auction. Here is an example of answers that are well answered and answers that are incomplete and/or not well detailed

** Please note that if your auction is bilingual, you must provide responses for both the English and French versions.

1. Auction name

The name should be as concise as possible

Correct Answer : JMM Auction for kids

Incorrect Answer  : JMM Auction for Children founded in 1983 to help underprivileged children throughout Quebec

2. Confirm your auction URL

The URL must be as short as possible, it cannot contain accents, spaces, capital letters, special characters

Correct Answer :

Incorrect Answer  : http://.EncanJMMpourlesenfantsduQué

3. The date and time of the opening of the auction

The date you want to launch, the time is optional.

4. The date and closing time of the auction

The date you wish to close the auction. We strongly discourage closing an auction past 9pm in order to maximize your profits and make the experience as pleasant as possible for your patrons.

Correct Answer :  May 25th 8PM

Incorrect Answer  : May 25th midnight

5. Confirm that you agree to have SP take payments on your behalf

Most of the foundations use the Stripe account of Signature Pro, if it's your case, just confirm us by a ''yes''..


If you prefer to use your own Stripe account, please note that we will need to have the Stripe keys at least 10 days before the delivery of the auction link in order to test the payment and make sure that the account is linked to your auction and that the funds will be deposited. It is important that the keys be sent in an email so that you can copy and paste them and not with a screenshot. Here is where to find your Stripe codes:

Stripe Keys 1.jpg
Stripe Keys 2.jpg
Stripe Keys 3.jpg

On the homepage of your Stripe, click on ''Developers'' at the top right

Then, in the menu on the left, click on ''API Keys''

Finally, you just have to send us your two keys (public and secret) by making a copy/paste

6. Explanation of how you will deliver the items to the winners
  1. For a 100% virtual online auction only

    1. Inform buyers if they need to reach you or the time frame in which you will contact them

    2. Always provide a contact person from your organization: Name, email and phone number of your organization

Correct Answer : You will be contacted by a member of the Foundation within 5 business days of the end of the auction to make arrangements for the pick-up of your item(s). It will be possible to pick up at the Foundation's offices by appointment starting May 29th. Our offices are located at :

1359 4e avenue,

Montréal, H7R 5N8


Otherwise, you can opt for a delivery in the greater Montreal area, fees not included


For any questions, please contact :

Mileena Brind'amour : 514 555-0110

Incorrect Answer  : Pick up at our office

  1. During an auction at an event

    1. Inform people that they can pick up on site

    2. For people leaving early or bidding from home

      1. Always provide a contact person from your organization: Name, email and phone number of your organization


Correct Answer :  If you are present on the evening of the event, items can be picked up at the auction table 15 minutes after the auction closes. If you have to leave before the end of the auction or were not present this year, you will be contacted by a member of the foundation within 5 working days following the end of the auction to make arrangements for the pick-up of your item(s). Delivery fees are not included. For any questions, please contact

Mileena Brind'amour : 514 555-0110

Incorrect Answer  : On-site pick-up

7. Mailing addresses of participants

It is possible to require participants to enter their mailing address to complete their account, simply by answering "yes" or "no". Here are the advantages and disadvantages to this option: 

  1. Advantage – You will have complete contact information and can issue donation receipts if necessary.

  2. Disadvantage – It slows down the process of registering participants at an event

8. Do you want your auction to be promoted on Signature Pro's social media?

We offer you to share your auction on our social media, newsletters, etc. to increase the visibility of your auction and possibly get more bidders for your auction. There is no charge for this! All you have to do is answer "yes" or "no".

9. QR code - Do you want to get one for free

This option is highly recommended when the auction is on site to facilitate access to the auction for your guests

10. If applicable, do you want to send the auction to the participants of your last auction?

When this option is selected, a $0.025/SMS fee is applied to your auction to cover the additional SMS charges incurred. That being said, we strongly recommend that you keep your list of participants year after year to build a pool of bidders and thus increase your funds raised. The cost is minimal compared to the potential for additional bids, and therefore additional funds that you can raise. Plus, it makes the experience easier for your patrons


For example: a standard auction that will have sent 2500 SMS will have a fee of $64.68

Excel File
Files and Banners
  • Please fill out the excel file "2023 Client Item List Electronic to Complete - Title" and return it to us. We will add your items to the auction within 5 business days.  

    • If you want the description of the items to be bilingual, fill in the English translation as well, otherwise leave the box blank.

    • Read line 4 in the excel file for more explanations on how to fill out the excel file

    • Return the completed file to us so that we can import it as is into your auction. If the file is not filled out correctly we will not be able to build the auction and the 5 business day delay will start when it is returned properly filled out.

  • Only one version can be sent to us and we will only work with that version

    • You must use the file "2023 Client Item List Electronic to Complete - Title"  mandatory

      • Any other file is not compatible with our platform

    • You can make changes or add items yourself later directly in the platform

The file was sent to you by email but here is a copy:

  • PNG format  

  • If your auction is bilingual, your banners can be bilingual or you can make a French version and an English version

  • Carousel of banners allowing you to put from 1 to 5 different ones

  • A URL (http://) can be added for each banner if the user clicks the banner (optional)

  • Please also send us a PNG logo of your Foundation / Organization

  • You don't have anyone to make your banner?

    • Consult our banner creation service so that we can prepare one for you (fee of 50$+txs not included). Click on the button below to see the different models of customizable banners available​​

Size for banners

  • Banner for PC

    • Size 1500 pixel wide by 392 pixel high

  • Banner for Mobile (Cellular et Tablet)

    • Size 600 pixel wide by 500 pixel high


  • Leaderboard Banner (Optional - Mobile banner can also be used)

    • Size 750 pixel wide by 750 pixel high


ADMIN access to your auction will be given to you 5 business days after you have received all of this information. If you want to double-check everything or add/change items to the auction, calculate the time it will take from the time you give the Signature Pro team the required materials until the auction goes live!

See the table above

For quicker access to your auction management tool

  • Your graphic designer is late in delivering the banners?

  • Your documents are going to print and you would like to have the QR code to access the auction quickly?

  • You want to be as independent as possible and add as many items as possible to the auction platform yourself?

No problem. Simply notify your project manager, give him/her the 10 completed questions and in 5 business days the project will be started. You can send banners and excel files later (if applicable) and the work will be completed within 5 business days..

Admin Access

After delivery of the auction link

Creation and access to the admin link

After delivering the auction link, your auction manager will ask you to create an account. Once this is done, he will give you your admin access which will allow you to add your pictures, add/edit an item, etc.  

Here is a video tutorial showing you how to access your auction as an admin once you have created your access:

Add Items and Photos
Adding your photos

Here is the easy way to add your own photos to your auction. Don't send us any photos at first. You will be able to drag each of your photos (you can put more than one per lot) on each of your items. It's very easy and fast.

  • The photos must be in JPG (PNG photos risk to make a black background)

  • There is no format or size of photo to respect

    • Avoid photos stretched horizontally or vertically

    • For clients who want uniformity in their photos

      • The ideal format for consultation on cell phones is 500 pixels wide x 600 pixels high (optional)

      • The ideal format for consultation on computer is 650 pixel wide x 430 pixel high (optional)

Here is a video tutorial showing how to add your photos:

Adding items after sending the Excel file

Sometimes you receive new items after the date of submitting the Excel file of your items or you need to make some changes to your descriptions. Don't worry, you can add or modify these items at the auction later! Do not send a second version of the Excel file, it cannot be used.  You can then manually add your new items with a few clicks! The process is extremely simple! If you add an item to the auction, but you do not see it, check if the option ''hidden this item'' is enabled or disabled. In any case, your project manager can accompany you in this step.

Here is a video tutorial showing how to add / edit items :

After the auction closed


​​Customers will be asked to enter their credit card when making their first bid and payments will automatically be processed at closing time

Please note that no payments can be taken until the auction is completely closed

If you decide you want to take all your payments directly by yourself, you will need to contact your project manager to send him your Stripe keys (See question #5 above)

You can also take payments directly without a Stripe account however you will not be able to process them through the platform


Gross reports in the platform and Invoices

You will be able to access the gross reports available in the platform via your admin access. The profit report is accessible throughout the auction in real time and the other reports are generated automatically at the end of the auction. You can consult the following reports: 

  • All items: Report including all items (sold and unsold)

  • Items won by patron: Report of sales divided by customer with contact information for each of them

  • Payments: Report of payments made in the platform with dates for each

  • Profit : Auction gross profit report

  • Multi-sale items: Report of sales of items for the Buy it Now (if applicable)

  • Fixed Price Donation: Report of donations made as buy-it-now items (if applicable)

  • Donation: Report on all donations made as internal donations

  • Closing Groups: Report of sales divided by closing group (if applicable)

You will also have access to the invoices that are automatically generated by the platform at the end of the auction. You will be able to see the paid and unpaid invoices if applicable and print them out in alphabetical order if desired. 

Here is a video tutorial on reports and invoices:


Results and Funds Transfer

The auction is considered closed once all payments have been completed. Once the last payment has been made, we will deliver the final results file to you within 10 business days by email. You will be able to validate it and send us a sample cheque so that we can pay you the funds raised through the auction.


Maximize Your Results

Maximize your results

Our goal has always been and will always be to help you raise as much money as possible through your auction. Here are a few ways to optimize your auction and improve your customers' experience as well as the funds raised!

Adding SP items without risk

​​Signature Pro can add special items from our collection to the auction, at no risk to you and with the potential to increase your profits! Talk to your project manager about the type of items and how this option works for you depending on the package you choose. Our clients usually make between $500 and $5000 in profits with our in-person event items.


Adding items increases your fundraising potential as the profit on these items goes to you, it adds to the diversity of choice offered to your guests by offering collectible items thus enhancing their experience and, it is risk free as unsold items go back into inventory at no cost of course! No item will ever be sold without funds being donated to the foundation.

Example : 

Guy Lafleur Signed Frame - Housebid of $350 and $375 first bid

  • If sold at one bid :

    • $375 - $350 = $25 gross profit for the foundation

  • If sold at $750

    • 750$ - 350$ = $400 gross profit for the foundation​

Obtaining donations - no service fees

To increase your profits, you can ask your customers for donations via the auction platform. Here are the options available to you 

  • External donation

    • The customer is redirected to your page where he can make a donation

  • Internal donation

    • The customer will be able to make a donation in the platform for your organization

  • Internal donation on the form of an item

    • The customer will purchase a litem created by you, which will represent a donation in the form of a purchase

      • Examples :

        • Purchase school supplies for a student in need for a year @ $150

        • Offer a night of relief for a family in need @ $200

  • Stripe credit card transaction fees are the only fees that apply

Here are examples of auctions that have raised donations via the platform: 

Buy it now items

You have several copies of an item and would like to put it on the auction platform at a fixed price? This is possible at no additional cost.  Only the fees of your agreement apply

Here are some examples of auctions that have sold ''buy it now'' items:

Drawing tickets or Half & Half

Although the auction platform cannot automatically generate a raffle, you can modify an item and/or your banners and sell raffle tickets or half and half

  • Here are some examples of how it is possible to display it with the auction

  • You will then have to extract the data in an Excel file and proceed with your draw yourself or ask your project manager for help

  • Pricing: $80 for set up and 5% of sales

Please note that payments for raffle tickets and/or half and half will only be taken at the close of the auction


Here are some examples of auctions that have sold tickets :

Sending SMS to your former participants

Have you ever done an auction with us and would like to have all your past participants receive an SMS inviting them to bid again? Not only is this possible, we highly recommend it. It will definitely increase the number of bids and thus your profit. Simply answer Question 10 of the ''Answers to the 10 questions'' at the top of the page. The cost is minimal for the potential additional bets that can be generated ($0.025/SMS)


Example : ​

  • An SMS sent to 200 people would cost $5

  • An auction having sent 2485 SMS will have a fee of : 62.13$

With this option, you can build a donor database that grows year after year!

Featured Items

It is possible to identify items in the auction as "featured items". Items identified as such will appear at the top of the auction highlighted with a star stamp. This is a great way to promote a particular and/or prestigious item or to give extra visibility to one of your donors. You can also rotate the auction by putting several featured items and rotating them every day for example.


Here are some examples of auctions that have used the :

Informative tabs

On each auction page you will find tabs at the top of the page. These tabs are useful to pass various information and improve the customer experience by giving them as much information as possible without weighing down their experience. We always create for you, some basic tabs such as ''Recovery of items'' ''Tips & Tricks'' ''Rules of the auction''. This being said, it is always possible to add one or more personalized tabs, whether it is to speak about the foundation and its mission or to thank your sponsors.

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